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Parents Are Human (English + Khmer)

Parents Are Human (English + Khmer)

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This edition has our full game in English on the front of each card and Khmer + Romanization on the back to help bridge language, culture, and generational gaps.

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Customer Reviews

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We truly appreciate Parents are Human for being so thoughtful in creating these cards. Regarding the Khmer cards, an improvement would be to make the Khmer language used less formal. Additionally when designing questions, taking into consideration cultural historical events (such as war and genocide) and choosing questions that are sensitive to those experiences. Last improvement would be to use font colors and a font size that can be easier for elderly individuals to read.
Overall, we are very happy with and supportive of Parents are Human.

Sovana Siv

Parents Are Human (English + Khmer)

Jessica Chook

I usually initiate difficult and reflective conversations with my family with the intent of understanding each other and fulfilling my curiosity. Unfortunately, barriers include growing up on a different language and advice. This card game, being bilingual, is verified by my mom to be so helpful. I get to practice my pronunciation and vocabulary with the romanization, and my parents get to read their native language and practice translating it back into English. It's been cool to see the different grammatical sequencing between the languages. It's also been very heartwarming to see their thoughtful minds reminiscing through time, and then sharing a story with passion. There are more similarities between my parents and I that I thought. One ground breaking story I learned about my mom is she used that she used to identify with the LGBT community. Growing up, she only displayed homophobia. Knowing this, I decided not rely on her acceptance of me since I am proudly a part of this community. Now that she admitted this part of her, I am even more curious. Where did the support go? How did her sexuality change? Who and what factors influenced this? Will she be the first elder of our parents generation to be happy for us, since a few of my cousins are also afraid of what their parents will say? There's so much to unpack, and we haven't even gotten to the red cards yet!